Homeless but not Heartless

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For the past five years, I have been attending the graduation ceremony of the Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency. It used to be called Samaritan House, when my beautiful friend Dr. Green was leading the organization. I was invited years ago to attend the graduation to help understand the goals of the organization for a potential partnership, but found myself drawn to the people there. The ceremony is very simple. The “graduates” who are homeless men and women go through classes and once they are completed, a ceremony takes place. They are held once a month and family and friends are invited to attend. Many of the volunteers are there as well to cheer them on. The ceremony is held every fourth Friday of the month and there are usually about 20-30 participants.

The thing I love most about attending the ceremony is that the graduates are so thankful for…

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Time-Lapse Shows Incredible Transformation of Homeless Veteran’s Life. Sometimes, what’s on the outside can count.

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Sometimes, what’s on the outside can count.

In the decades since returning home from service, U.S. Army veteran Jim Wolf has faced poverty, homelessness and alcoholism. But with a bit of physical transformation, he finally found a way to turn things around.

Inspired by Dove’s “evolution” ad series, Rob Bliss Creative and Degage Ministries, a charity that works with veterans, created a video that showed Wolf getting a haircut and new clothes to help transform his life. The video was released this week in honor of Veteran’s Day.

While the changes in Wolf’s outward appearance are clearly evident in the time-lapse video, it’s the shift in his outlook on life that is less tangible but much more powerful

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