Most People Ignored This Homeless Man, But Those Who Looked Closer Were In For A Surprise

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Big Daws is better known for his Youtube prank videos, like eating junking food at a gym and pretending to know strangers. But this time he decided to do something different. He lives in Tempe, Arizona, and found an interesting way to bring awareness to the homeless population.

According to the Arizona Department of Economic Security, in 2012 there were 22,350 adults and 5,805 children registered as homeless. That was a 12 percent increase over the previous year. The Arizona Commission on Homelessness and Housing (ACHH) was established by Governor Janice Brewer and is a formal state plan designed to end veteran homelessness by 2015 and chronic homelessness by 2016.

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Parking Meters Aren’t Going to Fix Homelessness

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It’s an eye-catching way to raise money and awareness about homelessness: 14 parking meters around Pasadena, Calif., all converted to collect change for those living on the streets.

In the last few weeks, Pasadena has joined several large cities around the U.S. that have set up what are essentially “homelessness meters.” They’re retrofitted parking meters that allow passersby to donate money by depositing coins or even swipe debit or credit cards. That money then goes to homelessness charities and organizations rather than directly to the homeless themselves.

“This is a clear alternative where people contributing know that all the money will go to effective services,” Bill Huang, the Pasadena housing director, told The Los Angeles Times.

Supporters say the money goes to organizations like the United Way or local homeless groups that know how to effectively use the funds for food, support and shelter and get around the possibility…

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Smurf and his mom struggle with sobriety, shelter and isolation

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“Smurf’s mom looks 10-years younger after just 2-weeks in the Torres Community Shelter.” — Without a Roof

“I wish I wasn’t homeless and I could get back on track. Society brings the homeless people down. We’re not trying to be homeless we just are. There needs to be a place were homeless people with dogs can go find shelter and rest peacefully. No one accepts people with homeless animals. My dog is my #1 companion and best friend, he’s my baby.” — Smurf

Smurf says, “Two weeks in the Torres Shelter and my mom looks 1,000% better. She was on her last legs two-weeks ago and I thought she was going to pass. I cried and told all my friends. It really hurt me because no one understood what I was going through, but now she is looking a lot better and she’s found God. She didn’t have God in…

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