Millennials and Giving


The Millennial Impact Report conducted by Achieve released some interesting findings in their 2013 Report. As a FYI, here’s a description about the Millennial Impact:

The Millennial Impact Project is an initiative that helps organizations learn how to engage the Millennial generation. Through research, discussions, and convenings, leaders of organizations can start engaging this generation and building the relationships necessary for long term success.

involveinfographYou can download a .pdf version of the 34 page report here.

In a recent article for CURRENTS Magazine entitled, “Golden Opportunity,” I wrote about how Millennials are often overlook and weakly cultivated in philanthropy as fundraisers. The profession doesn’t do enough to support them in their pursuit, and currently suffers from missing out on this up-and-coming group. I’m partial, I realize. So, here are the three points I took away from The Millennial Impact Report. Read the report for yourself, and let me know…

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