Faceless Generation? The Mental Health State of Homeless Children Living in the U.S.

SBFPHC Policy Advocacy

Complete economic depravity, limited to no access to appropriate mental health care, inability to secure stable housing, all are issues commonly faced by the homeless living in this country every day.  Access to appropriate mental health for those who are homeless has had light shed on it before. This is not new, but not so commonly spoken about are the children and adolescents who are homeless. Although the ability to precisely measure the exact number of persons experiencing homelessness can be difficult, statistics have shown that there are approximately 1.5 million children in this country who experience homelessness every year. These children are often members of families who are homeless or who themselves are unaccompanied youth.

Due to the transient nature of many of these children’s lives they are at an increased risk for significant behavioral and emotional issues that often times go not diagnosed, due to being victims of or…

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