What the closing of Atlanta’s largest shelter means for our homeless population



Awesome Hour 

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FFIP April 2017 Mixer 

It was an honor to highlight @mythreesicklers MTS Sickle Cell Foundation, Inc at our April @ffip Fabulous Friends in Philanthropy Mixer this past Wednesday night. MTS focuses on spreading awareness of Sickle Cell Anemia and enhancing the wellbeing of sickles and their families. Mapillar Dahn the founder of MTS was unable to make the Mixer because it was transfusion day for one of her three girls, however, her husband was there to speak on her behalf. All three of their children have Sickle Cell and it was very enlightening to hear about their daily struggles and challenges. With the help of our supporters, Fabulous Friends in Philanthropy was able to make a donation to their organization and also encouraged others to do the same. It was a wonderful night of fellowship and education. To learn more about MTS, visit their website at http://www.mythreesicklers.org