Never respect men merely for their riches, but rather for their philanthropy; we do not value the sun for its height, but for its use. ~ Gamaliel Bailey

South Cobb High School Young Women’s Conference


Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of facilitating a workshop called “Love to be Professional” for the Young Women’s Conference at South Cobb High School.  I hosted two classes, each with about 15 students and some parents.   We talked about branding, first impressions, social media responsibility and other topics that are important when grooming a young professional.  I had so much fun with them.  The dialog was amazing and they were so attentive.  I never in a million years thought that I would enjoy speaking to students, but I absolutely love interacting with them.  I think I am effective because I try to be as transparent as possible.  I expose my mistakes, but I try to make them see the value in not repeating them.  We had open and honest conversation about everything from tattoos to hair color, then we at lunch together in the cafeteria.  It was a terrific day!

Women’s Leadership Conference and Celebration of Inspiring Women

This week I had the pleasure of attending the Women in Philanthropy and Leadership for Coastal Carolina University presents Women’s Leadership Conference and Celebration of Inspiring Women in Myrtle Beach.  The event was held at the Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention center on March 19-20, 2012.  This was by far the best women’s conference I’ve ever attended.  Yesterday started with a BANG with FlyGirl Vernice Armour – the first African American female combat pilot. Talk about dynamic! She has such a fire in her that she makes you want to take over the world.  She was followed by Tori Murden McClure, best known as the first woman and first American to row solo and unassisted across the Atlantic Ocean.  To listen to her story of courage and perseverance was nothing short of unbelievable.  My next favorite speaker was Pat Harris – the Global Chief Diversity Officer for McDonald’s Corporation LLC.  To go from being an administrative assistant to leading one of the world largest restaurant’s diversity initiatives is phenomenal.

The conference hosted several workshops from growing your small business to dealing with change.  Everything was well executed and thought provoking.  It was almost like a women’s retreat.  It felt very comfortable and safe.  The women there embraced each other and celebrated each others successes.

Today was the final day of the conference, where they recognized inspiring women in the community.  This was truly a great two days and I would recommend supporting this effort next year. It can only get better!

Our House, Inc.

I am currently working on a project with Community Consulting Teams.  Yesterday, we went to Our House, Inc. for our team site visit.  Our House is a childcare facility for homeless children in the local area.  I had never visited a homeless facility for children before, and wasn’t really sure what to expect.  To my surprise, the facility was unbelievable!  There are rooms for babies, toddlers and older children where the teachers can give individualized training and instruction.  Everything was decorated nicely and the atmosphere was warm and welcoming.  I was so intrigued with the facility and the enthusiasm of the staff, it took me a minute to focus on why I was there.  If you have extra time, there is a huge need for volunteers.  They need everything from people to rock the babies to volunteers to clean the classrooms.  Consider volunteering today!